Godfather Five Families - Lucky Chances

Give the gift of diamonds to a poor gangster guide creator.

The second most common new player failure is to accept the cards offered to them in lucky chances. You don't have to accept these. You can close the LC window and get a new set of cards.

The 5-3 Rule

Shuffle (close and reopen LC) until there are 5 or more cards that you need AND the other 3 cards are of high diamond value (20 diamonds or more). It's still a gamble and you wont always get what you hoped for but the odds are far more in your favor if you follow the rules.

Priority cards: 5 or more out of{2.5hr/8hr speedups, 30% whistle, Don's Blessing, Rookie Package, Deeds, Kickbacks, Dons Sanction.}

Plus: Acceptable high value cards: 3 out of {1 hr. speedup, Initiate Package, Favors, 24hr Olive Branch, Relocation, 500 contracts, high tier troop bundles (100)}

Risky cards: (only 1, preferably none) {12hr Olive, name change, attack/health boosts, 24hr cash boost, mid tier troop bundles (25,100), attack orders} If you pick a set of cards that have one of these in the deck, you are likely to win this card.

**Anything else in the set like bronze speedups, low tier troop bundles, wrecking ball, boxing ticket or 100 contracts then simply don't play. Close the window and click the LC lady again because you are almost guaranteed to win these.**


Troop bundles have been added to the cards. Use your best judgement on wether to play a set with these in view. We have no real data at the moment to judge the value of these items. Assume low tier troops as must avoid, mid tier as risky, high tier as accepteble.

Patience is the key to get the best odds. you might have to shuffle 200 times before you get a very nice set of cards. If you get bored of shuffling then close it and come back later. You have all day to use the LC ticket.
The card you pick or the position of the cards is irrelevant. As soon as you click 'Play' Kabam puts an item in your inventory. If you win a deed you even receive the congratulations e-mail before you've picked a card!
There are now 3 deeds in the pack so shuffle until you see all 3 and 5 other good cards.

The optimal set would be 3 deeds, don's sanction, dons blessing, 8 hr. speedup, 30% whistle, Rookie Package.

Good luck, be patient.


This first set would be considered risky, expecting to drop the contracts or cash boost it actually won the Don's Sanction. This was a lucky win.
Notice 5 out of the priority cards (Deed, Deed, Deed, Don's Sanction, 2.5hr Speedup)
plus 2 acceptable high value cards (500 contracts, 1hr Speedup)
and 1 risky card (24 hr. cash boost)
lucky chance

This example looks good at first with 5 priority cards and 2 acceptable cards. A poor LC player would take this thinking the odds were in his favor. However, the death card is the wrecking ball. It is weighted 40x higher than the other cards.
This set, as expected, won the wrecking ball.failed lucky chance

This example is another fairly good set. You can expect to draw a set like this once every 50 shuffles. It covers the 5 priority cards but only 2 acceptable cards. The one risky card Change Estate Name won this time as expected.