Godfather Five Families - Play Better

Give the gift of diamonds to a poor gangster guide creator.


A collection of guides for new players of Godfather Five Families browser game. What we will try to do is bring together all the available up to date information on how to play better, win more and enjoy more.

The guides are written by experienced players one or two who have been here since the game was first released.

There is a lot of bad information out there, especially in-game where rumors or plain nonsense are offered to new players as fact, confusing them and often leading to them quitting the game.

Godfather is a complex game with a steep learning curve. People who may have spent a month playing and think they have all the tricks understood often find that they were doing something inefficiently or just plain wrong. New players are thrown into things without any knowledge of the system, what to do first, and more importantly, what not to do. This resource will hopefully change that.

Enjoy the site, play better, stop failing.